Frequently Asked Questions

Will this definitely get me a job?

No - you need to do a lot to get a job. This is just one tool you should use when targeting jobs at a startup.

What if I don’t hear from anyone?

Keep chugging. Sometimes, when there isn’t a fit, it means that there really isn’t a fit. You might still be a great candidate - just not for our startup partners.

On the Candidates page, what's the difference between technical and non-technical candidates?

Technical = software/mobile/hardware engineers, UI/UX designers, product managers, data scientists.
Non-Technical = sales, marketing, operations, finance/accounting, H.R.

Yay, someone contacted me! Now what?

Congrats! Stop reading our FAQ and go research the hell out of the company!

What if I don’t have a resume?

We hear ya - they are a old school. Try to put something together, even if it’s just a copy of your website and Github. And make it a PDF.

Do you work with recruiters?

Heck no, we won’t go!

I can only work remotely. Is that OK?

You mean you don’t want to move to this big, beautiful city where cocktails only cost $15 a pop? That’s fine. We understand. Just make sure you mark your application as “remote only.”

Why aren't you publicizing the names of the startups that you're working with? Are they all legit?

We're planning to release the names of our startup partners soon. In the meantime, we're vetting every single company that contacts us to make sure that they're awesome.

I’m confused...?

It happens to the best of us. Email us and we'll help you out.

Why should I use Discover Match?

To grow your business you need talent. Discover Match delivers a curated pool of responsive candidates, so you can spend less time on sourcing and more time interviewing & hiring.

What sort of candidates are on your marketplace?

We actively bring on Engineers, UX/UI Designers, Data Scientists and occasionally Product Managers with experience at venture-funded companies. We primarily focus on candidates in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Jakarta; or candidates willing to relocate to those cities.

Any advice for recruiting successfully?

Almost every candidate you contact on Discover Match will respond to your offer, either accepting your interview request (40% of the time) or stating a reason why they are not interested. Once you’re engaged with a candidate, our biggest piece of advice is: move quickly. Either present a paper offer, or cancel the interview process within 5-10 business days. The longer you wait, the more companies and offers you’re going to be competing against.
Never let your own personal schedule get in the way — postpone that meeting, cancel lunch with mom, or do the interview on a weekend if that’s what it takes. Move as quickly as the candidate will let you, even if that means juggling your own priorities.

Can I contact candidates outside of the marketplace?

No. If you have questions about a developer’s background, work history, experience, etc. please use the anonymous Q&A system that’s embedded into every profile. Think of it as a crowdsourced interview.

Help! My interview request got declined.

Relax, it happens. While we have a 40% interview acceptance rate, not every candidate will be interested in every industry vertical. If your offer got declined for compensation, we recommend revising your offer to meet the candidate’s expectations. If your offer got declined for location reasons, you might consider offering a relocation bonus to help someone move closer to your office.

Where do you get all your candidates from?

Besides the endless press coverage that we get, many Discover Match alumni refer their friends & colleagues to us, we sponsor major developer conferences and have a major online marketing budget to attract talent to our marketplace.

Other questions?

Contact us to setup a meeting or phone call with one of our helpful account managers.